Frequently asked questions

Are Zen Comfort sheets breathable? I have night sweats.

Zen Comfort sheets are perfect for night sweats and/or menopause. They are made with athletic grade performance fabric that wicks away moisture rather than absorb it like cotton. The athletic grade performace fabric adjusts to your body temperature. This helps hot sleepers to stay cool and cool sleepers stay warm. Making our sheets perfect for all temperature environments. Zen Comfort sheets are more breathable that cotton. The advanced poly microfibers breath like workout clothes to keep you comfortable all night regardless of of the season.

Are Zen Comfort sheets durable?

Zen Comfort stand up to kids, pets and years of daily use. Rough skin or callouses will not snag or easily wear out our tightly woven fabric. Zen Comfort sheets are tightly woven for durability.

How are Zen Comfort sheets with sensitive skin?

Zen Comfort sheets are hypo-allergenic and great for allergies, sensitive skin and eczema. They are also anti-microbial to prevent dust and pollen from adhering to the fabric which may aggravate allergies or skin issues. Zen Comfort sheets are never treated with pesticides like natural or non-organic fabrics.

Are Zen Comfort sheets slippery?

Zen Comfort sheets are ALWAYS ultra soft right out of the package. The anti-slip, non-sateen characteristic means they are soft without slipping or sliding off the bed. They continue to get softer with every wash.

Are Zen Comfort sheets eco-friendly?

Zen Comfort sheets are eco-friendly, stain resistant, lightweight, will not pile, will not shrink, will never fade and are wrinkle free out of the drier. They require very low maintenance care. Best when washed alone. They do not require sensitive fabric detergents or fabric softeners. They dry in the drier in approximatelly 10-15 minutes, wrinkle free. All of these characteristics make our sheets eco-friendly by being cost effective and energy efficient.

How deep are your fitted sheets?

Zen Comfort fitted sheets are up to 18 inches deep. They are also elastic all the way around, not just the corners of the sheets.